About Us

Mission & Vision

The Massachusetts Association of Patient Account Management (MAPAM) was incorporated in 1975 as an independent statewide organization dedicated to meeting the informational and educational needs of healthcare professionals. Most Massachusetts hospitals belong to our organization and our membership of over 250 includes patient account directors and managers, hospital access managers, billing managers, collections managers, other patient financial services staff and physician billing professionals. We also have many affiliate members representing other healthcare services, including collection agencies, consulting companies, ambulance companies, health insurance companies and government agencies.

MAPAM is a very active organization, with nine monthly meetings held throughout the year around Eastern and Central Massachusetts plus an annual 2 ½ day conference. We conduct or sponsor educational seminars aimed at staff education on a variety of industry and regulatory topics. Our CMPAM (Certified Massachusetts Patient Account Manager) credentialing exam is held every other year. MAPAM is represented on many regulatory and insurance industry advisory committees and this proactively enables us to influence industry policies and procedures, and to communicate information to our membership on a timely basis.

MAPAM Membership is open to all interested healthcare professionals. You do not need to work in Massachusetts to become a member. You do not have to be a member to attend our meetings, although non-members will pay a slightly higher registration fee. We invite you to peruse our website, join our organization, register for any of our meetings or call anyone on the Board with any questions. If you would prefer, we have set up an email address for any questions: Email Here